Press Pound

Project Goals
I was lead designer a website and a mobile app redesign for a local Seattle company, PressPound. The app was created by a developer in order to simplify his call-box experience, however it lacked many usability issues. Our objective was to expand on the app’s elements and redesign the webpage to clarify the functions of the product, and to show the user the value of the product before they purchase or download it. 
Our goals for this project were to create a smoother and seamless onboarding experience. The product had required users to hit a pay wall before using the product. It also did not show the users how to set up the product with their callbox. Since this app had a varying hardware component that could differ in experiences depending on the user's callbox technology, this proved to be a difficult problem to solve.
User Interface Design
We wanted to UI to be easily discoverable. The current one had a lot of cul-de-sacs where the users would get stuck in a spot. We decided to add a universal navigation in which users could easily access features.
Style Guide
The style guide was a huge part of the project in deliverables. We delivered color palettes as well as redlined components and iconography.

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