Additional Design Work

A collection of auxiliary design projects I've worked on.

Marketing Materials
I created the banners and marketing materials for AltspaceVR's holoportation concerts. These were applied to various social media marketing campaigns.
Simple Websites
I've built simple one-page websites using Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace for various clients.
Marketing Materials
Below are some examples of marketing materials I've made in the past including illustrations, info-graphics, banners, etc.
Branding & Logo Work
In addition to software design, my background in visual design has led me to help a few clients with logo and branding work.
A big strength of mine is creating a branding language that includes iconography that works across all devices and are visually consistent. Below is an example of iconography language I created for a client.
Presentation Slides
The best way to tell a story is through presentation slides. I use a method of designing slides that give high visual value to the audience, while also being informative. Click on each for a sample of presentation slides I've created for these clients.

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